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Boot camp is over!


Well, actually, they decided to extend it for two weeks BUT my boot camp experience (hopefully not the last!) is done for now.  The last session was unfortunately not the best, I just…wasn’t feeling it.  I seemed so much less fit than everybody else in the group, I was far behind them in everything, and (while I know the point isn’t to finish everything first) it just made me feel…crap.

I know I should have felt inspired to work harder, but…I guess the negativity took over a little bit.

So, after a two day (three day, actually!  Shocking!) hiatus, I ran again (W5D1, for the second time).  And it felt good!  I did not like the feeling of not having exercised for a few days.  Especially running!  What if I can’t run anymore?? I thought.  What if I’ve lost it?

Well, I hadn’t.  And I ran again today.  Today and yesterday using my nifty new armband!

Like this, only with a clear screen at the front

How did I run without you, Mr. Armband??  I no longer have to hold my phone!  I’m hands free!  Not to mention, I look like a legitimate runner when I wear it.  All kitted out, I mean srs bzns.

Also, uni results came back.  And were as expected for the effort that was put in, ha.  Best subject?  Viruses!  WHUT.  NO SENSE.



Honestly, it makes me think that there’s a really fundamental fact in immunology (or several) that I am just Not Getting.  But hey, doesn’t matter now!

And tomorrow, work.  Had my first week last week doing corporate/customer orders.  Scary!  Hopefully all goes well tomorrow and everything gets sent out as it should.

Then later, Skyrim.