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So, probably should have posted about this when it first happened.  But, about a week ago, I achieved one of the first goals I made for myself when I started running – I wanted to do a full lap of the park (~3.2km) without stopping.

Honestly, I was pretty freaking ecstatic when I did it.  I ran a whole lap!  And I’ve done it another 4 times!  I actually am starting to feel like a legitimate runner now.  Especially because (on the basis of this achievement) I signed myself up for a 5k in July!  Of course, the Expert now thinks I should have signed up for the 10k because of ‘how fast I improve’, but for my first proper run (unless I do another one in the meantime), I think it’s best to start small.  Baby steps.  And even then, I can simply push it and see how fast I can go!  I’ve signed up for the 30-35 minute wave, but my aim is to be as close to 30 minutes as possible.  If under – wow!!  But that’s a huge goal when simply finishing will be enough for me.

So that’s where the running’s at!  I’m doing week 7 at the moment (3×25 minute runs), with one “free run” per week (which have been running laps and seeing how fast I do it).  As of, well, today I’m going to add in some extra strength and fitness training which I’ve gotten from Runner’s World magazine.

Sadly, haven’t really seen any body changes (ie. haven’t really lost any weight), except that my arms are looking more defined.  I’m thinking that I need to get even stricter with my diet (the other day I worked and did not eat a single piece of chocolate!  Not even a pastille!  Good habit to get into), and load up the vegies and protein.  But, the stronger I get and the further I can run, the more I’ll burn.  And the more muscle mass I have, the more I’ll burn!  Next investment will be weights.  Also, wanting to start yoga/pilates – for relaxation and building of lean muscle.  Next plan after that, at the end of this semester, is to join a tennis club and get playing.

I’m seriously excited!



Week 8


Just repeated W4D3, with the aim of going HARDER and FASTER (and better and stronger, amirite Daft Punk?)

Well, it worked.  I did!

Run on Sunday: avg run pace 6:36/km

Today: avg run pace 6:18/km.

It all counts!  And I just felt better, and that when it was over and had to cool down I honestly felt like I could just keep running.



Week 6


Here we are!  Second boot camp session for the week, and was it more successful than the first?

You bet it was!  Honestly, I was so stoked at the end of it.  I was pumped!  We did something similar to what we did a couple of weeks ago…ran through the park, stopped to run up a hill and do other exercises, ran through more park, stopped to do more exercises, then some more running…all in all, 3.5k of running.

Did I stop to walk?


Did I do all the exercises and push it hard?

Hells yes!

Honestly, the fact that I could run as easily as I did today (although while I say easily, it clearly wasn’t easy easy…more that I felt my body could keep on going) made me realise that all the running and jumping and push upping is actually paying off.

It also made me realise that running a 5k…is actually possible.  With some more training, I could actually do that.  WOW!

That session put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  I’m still in a great mood, even though I’m utterly exhausted.  But still pushing on (going out for dinner halp!  Should probably be awake for that, I don’t think people find it hugely appropriate to snore into soup and use bread as a pillow).

So yes, you could say that this session was more successful than Tuesday’s =) Roll on next week!


PS. Also, bought my own set of scales, which has me at 1kg higher than the scales I was weighing at.  Alas!  But, I’ll be true to what these ones say.  Or maybe they’re both the same and I’ve just put on some muscle mass?  You know what, that sounds totally reasonable, let’s go with that!

Week 4


So, they didn’t hold back on boot camp this week.  At all.  Tuesday involved a hill.  So much hill.  Today involved a huuuge circuit.  So much circuit.

But hey, lost a kilo!  Lost a couple of kilos, I think, but I’ll be conservative and just say 1.  HELLS YEAH PROGRESS!!  Got a high five for that.  Actually seeing results like that just blew my mind.  I don’t know what I was expecting…for all the hard work to actually do nothing?  For some reason part of my brain just went, ‘WHOA THIS SHIT WORKS!’

And yes, totally updated the ticker over there.

Pretty stoked!

And now to listen to a lecture before work.  This is all rather repetitive, yes?  It’s nearly exams!  It’s all I live for!