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New things!


I just went for one of the most satisfying, if not THE most satisfying, runs ever.  Which, considering I’ve only been running for about 3 months, probably isn’t saying all that much.  Nevertheless, I’m putting it out there!

I was torn between doing W6D2 again, or just going straight on to W6D3.  I conferred with an expert, whose immediate response when I asked if I should repeat a day was,

‘Pfft, no!”

So that seemed pretty conclusive.  As a result, I laced up my shoes, forced myself to have a Power Gel (GROSS but I hadn’t eaten in 6.5 hours so it was that or collapse half-way through the run) and headed out into the evening to see if I could completely exhaust myself.



""It's like crystal meth in a can! It's crystal meth in a can! Powerthirst is crystal meth!"

The fact was, giving up was not even close to being on the cards.  It was as far away from the cards as it could possibly get.  One way or another, I was going to run for 25 minutes.  It didn’t matter if I were to be overtaken by snails or power walking old ladies, I was not going to stop.

And I didn’t!

I ran for 25 minutes.  My goal a few weeks ago was to run a lap of Princes Park and, by God, I did it.  Ran just over  a lap, actually.  Just over 3km.  That’s more the half-way to 5km!  (If anyone needs the calculations I used to work that out, just ask. I’m more than happy to provide them with a step by step explanation).

As far as pacing goes…well, those power walking old ladies smashed me.  Towards the end, it was barely faster than a strong walk.  But whatever!  Right now, this is strength training/distance training.  I’m not trying to go fast, I’m trying to not collapse in an embarrassing heap before the timer dings and the man helpfully says, ‘Cool down!’ at which point I weep and kiss his feet.

In news that isn’t related to running (by GOD what?)…I have a new phone.


Yep.  It’s an iPhone.  An iPhone 4S 32Gb, thank you.  A white one.  Pretty shiny!

Also, a new bag.

It's like a sunset, if the sunset was green and upside down. And on a bag.

It’s brilliant!  It fits heaps, even though it doesn’t look like it will.  It’s an awesome colour (that there is sure the colour I got!), it’ll last forever (watch out, archaeologists of 3012!) and it’s got a handy strap to stabilise the bag while I’m riding.

Pretty stoked!  Now to get up confidence riding around the place so I can ride to work and uni and put this bad boy to good use.