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First run for 2012!


Wowee!  Just went on my first run for 2012 (as the title would suggest).  And, as I said earlier, did go for W6D2.  And boy, did it feel good!  For the last two minutes tried to gun it as much as I could, then did 20 push ups, 20 tricep dips (legs fully extended), then as long a plank as my exhausted arms, legs and core would let me.  Almost managed 1 minute, collapsed at the 50sec mark and felt furious at myself for it!  Gah!  So close!

But, I am now officially exhausted.  I’ve had Sustagen, water, and a shower (finishing with purely cold water – THAT wakes you up!)…and now I’ve collapsed in bed, feeling decidedly leisurely!

Good start to 2012, running style =)