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Holiday and Festivities!


I’m back!

Darwin was…Darwin.  Wet season means hot, muggy, humid, step outside and melt kind of weather.

So burnt tanned.  While there, I had planned to go for runs (AHAHAHAHAHAHA whut), then realised within a couple of minutes of arriving that doing that may kill me.

So, to the gym I went!  It was actually great, got to do weights for the first time in ages which felt surprisingly good.  And helloooooo definition!

But now I’m back, it’s been Christmas, and today I went on my first ‘proper’ run for a couple of weeks (treadmills…kinda suck).

It went alright, did W6D1 again and finished but…overall, my legs felt kind of tight.  Particularly at my hip joints.  Awkward.

Anyways!  To watch Vampire Diaries and generally enjoy my evening 🙂