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A cold, TToM and swot vac?

It’s like a trifecta of bad.  I’ll waddle onto the scales on Monday morning weighing 10x more than when I started and with a few extra chins.

Although, it hasn’t been too bad so far (but it is only Wednesday!).  I did ride to and from the city yesterday (but I also ate a chocolate frog and some cake), and it was only the first full day of feeling icky (it struck me Monday night, the jerk, so Monday’s gym session was all good).  Tomorrow I should be up to a light gym session, and I don’t actually have any snacks in the house because…well, I never do.  Apart from some dark chocolate ginger block, but it’s really getting to desperate times if I start devouring that.

So, all in all, maybe I won’t be the size of a house come Monday.  That would be a nice result!  My grammar does seems a bit whack today, but I’ll blame the cold and flu tablets for causing that one.

However, I have lost 8kg since January.  Eight of the things!!  I could carry an 8kg weight, and that would have been the extra I was carrying somewhere on me for so long (I think I hit the 70kg mark around a year and a half ago).