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Rapid recap


So, once again, my horrendous inability to blog properly has left me with around a month to summarise.

And what a month!

On-topic, the osteo has finally (finally!!) said I can start running again…but only once a week.  And only 1-2km.  On a treadmill.  And after I buy new shoes (doctor’s orders).

My number for my first 5K race also arrived in the mail, a horrible reminder that I won’t be competing in my first 5K race at the end of April afterall.

However, I have reached my second mini-goal weight of 65kg.  Reached, and smashed straight through!

(I even composed and choreographed a mini-song to go with it).

So now we’re gunning for 62kg.  Do I hear 62kg?

This means, as of about now, I’ve lost around 5.5kg.  Nearly 6kg.


This system works.  It freaking works.  You exercise, you eat well (and treat yourself, I have a cheat meal and a chocolate treat once a week) and the weight actually moves.  I continue to be amazed by this!

The downside?

I’m starting to notice the ramifications in the clothes that I wear.  Shorts that I bought just before Christmas last year?  Too big, starting to look ridiculous.  A skirt I bought maybe a month before that?  Need the next size down.

In off-topic news, a friend’s wedding!  She looked divine (of course), he looked quite smart, and together they made a happy (if somewhat nervous looking) couple.  Fun was had by all!  Sadly, it was on the same night as an engagement party that I would have loved to attend.  However, there’s another engagement party this weekend!  And a week after that, another wedding.  And then it settles down somewhat until next year.

Also, Easter!  ‘Tis the season that brings out all the sulky adults who can’t believe that 2 hours before we close on the day before Easter we’ve run out of most everything.  And who will have a mini-tantrum if you can’t provide them the tasting that they want.

“But don’t you have ANYTHING  in milk chocolate?”
“Why don’t you have more stock?”

Honestly, you should’ve been here even a week ago, when we had stock overflowing from every single place we could put it!  Upstairs, downstairs, in our extra storage room, we had freaking Easter chocolate all over the place.

When we say buy your Easter chocolate early – we mean it!

And now, to study the muscles of the upper limb.