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Difficult week


This week…has not been great, sadly.  A combination of pushing myself too hard at the gym (I’m a silly girl), the impending end of semester and a 24 hour nausea-dizzy thing meant that yesterday I got home from the shops, cut myself a large piece of hedgehog slice and crawled into bed to watch a few hours of Toddlers and Tiaras.


I think my brain had just had enough.  Enough calorie counting, enough with the exercise programs, enough with the study, enough with restricting myself…ENOUGH.  So it collapsed in on itself and I ate hedgehog and did no study.

Today was a little better (still too sore to go the gym, so I’ll leave my next workout for next Monday).  I managed 3 gym sessions this week, and I’ll be working on the weekend (which means a 20 minute ride both ways to work), plus cycling to class and work during the week…yeah, I think my exercise will be okay.  And I’ve managed to do some study (slooooowly working my way through a Grammar assignment which will hopefully be mostly done by the end of the night), but…it’s slow going at the moment.

And I’m terrified of hopping on the scales on Monday.




I’m alive!


So, I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger in the past few months (ever since I made this blog, amirite?)  But particularly in the last month or so since the new semester began and, well, I got lazy.  Thankfully only as far as blogging is concerned; as far as calorie counting (wah) and exercise (whee!) are concerned, I’ve been keeping pretty much on track (except for tonight when I had a couple of nibblies while pondering the characterisation of Demeter’s grief in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (NOT written by Homer, go figure).  Next up, anatomy study (switching from arts mode to science mode and vice versa is ridiculously tricky, my brain takes a while to clunk into its new gear).

My running injury turned into a much bigger drama and now I see an osteo.  Which serves two functions:

1. I feel like a total pro athlete.

2. I’m getting poorer.

I’m also trying to keep on top of my uni work which also serves two functions:

1. I feel like a total nerd.

2. I’m getting poorer (although I’m getting more hours than I could possibly need or want at work.  4 x 7-8 hour shifts per week plus full time study?  I don’t think that would be university sanctioned.)

Long story short, life continues.  I exercise, I eat, I study, and occasionally I play.

The end!  (Until next time)


Week 8


Running!  Legs hurting, vision narrowing, breathing hard running.

Well, jogging.

First, it was 10 tricep dips on a park bench at the bottom of the hill, sprint up said hill, then 10 push ups at the top on the fence.  Then 9.  Then 8.  Then 7.

On the plus side, the push ups were absolutely nothing because I’m used to doing them on a muuuuch lower fence so they were super easy.

Of course, everyone else finished before me WAH.  But, as consolation

– I never stopped to walk, ever.

– Apparently (according to one trainer) my tricep dips were better and really low.

Then, to the carparks!

10 squat jumps, 10 lunge jumps, run the entire carpark.   9 squat jumps, 9 lunge jumps, run the entire carpark.

Standing at the beginning of that, doing the 10 squat jumps and lunge jumps it felt like the longest, most impossible task.  We’d just been sprinting up a hill (well, stumbling).  And it just seemed like an impossible amount of running.

Just keep running until...well, forever.

I wish I knew how long it took us to do that second exercise.

But did I stop to walk?


Honestly, most of that is just pure stubbornness.  I decided from the get-go that stopping to walk was unacceptable, and stuck to my guns.  Sure, I was slow (third last).  But I did it! (there we go with that catchphrase again).

Then got home and collapsed, totally zonked.  Woke up an hour later and my stomach was EATING ITSELF SO HUNGRY.

Study time!  Virology awaits!


Week 7


Yesterday I ran in the rain!  I admit, I didn’t realise it was raining when I stepped outside the door, but once I had…well, I was already dressed!  May as well suck it up and do it.

So out I went and completed W4D2 of C25K (acronyms yay!).

Plus nothing beats the feeling of coming inside from being COMPLETELY drenched and jumping into a nice hot shower.  Then scrambled eggs NOM (to clarify: I did not jump into the scrambled eggs).

Last night and this morning haven’t been so great.  A combination of PMS (whee) and 3 exams (whoo) next week have left me decidedly miserable.  Especially because,

A) I don’t think I’ll have the marks for honours, and

B) I don’t really want to do honours, because

C) I am not enjoying my major AT ALL.

So I guess it kind of balances, but it would have been nice to have the option.  Especially because a couple of people have said, ‘OH, YOU SO SMART, YOU’LL GET H1S NO PROBLEM LOL’.  So I feel like I should live up to this uber-intelligent opinion people have of me.

Either that or be coy about how I go.  Or lie.  I should probably lie.

So what I am hoping is that potential employers look at my resume and think, ‘Wow!  B.A/B.Sc from unimelb!’ and not actually delve deeper and see that it took me nearly 7 years to do (it’s meant to take 5) and that my results look like some kind of crazy rollercoaster (fail, H1,near fail, H1, not so good mark, H2A, okay mark, H1…).

So yes.  Miserable.  Until Thursday afternoon/night, at which point sorrows will be drowned and life proper can begin again.

And this afternoon, a run.  W4D3, bring it on!


Week 6


Honestly, just cannot believe that I started boot camp 5 weeks ago and that I’m already feeling so much better!  Today before work I’m going to head to the shops and buy a set of scales (dreaded enemy!) in order to weigh myself nice and early tomorrow morning before doing anything else.  Fingers crossed there’s some changes!

As far as this week goes…well, today has been quite relaxed!  Enjoyed some sun this morning while studying (nothing feels better when studying than having the sun shining down!  On the flipside, there are many more interesting things to do when it’s sunny so that can have some drawbacks).  Now doing a little bit of procrastination (my favourite!) before completing one more lecture and heading to work (late shift, whee).

Yesterday I went for a run and tried to push myself harder than I had been.  Finished it all off with 30 squat jumps, 3o push ups, 3o tricep dips, and a plank for however long I could hold it.  30 seconds and I was out!  (Not that bad considering I’d been running and jumping and push-upping for the last 50 minutes).  Threw a few sit ups in the mix as well.  So, next time, moar plank!

Looking forward to an even better run on Wednesday/Thursday.  =)

I also decided yesterday that maybe, just maybe, I’d like to sign up for an actual run – only a 5k, but it’s a start!  That way I have something to motivate myself, something that I can work towards.  And something I can complete and feel super good about (because not finishing is no option).  My plan for the moment is, once boot camp ends, to get on the couch to 5k plan.  Hopefully, due to all that I’m doing now, I’ll be able to start a couple of weeks in but we’ll see…I’m not going to push it too hard too early for no good reason!

I’m excited to see results.  And a medal.  Teehee.

But for now, should probably get to the next lecture which is, appropriately, drugs for pain.


Week 3


Wow.  Running in the hot sun is an absolute killer!  That run did not go as well as I had hoped for, but I guess at least I did it!

Boot camp was interesting yesterday.  We had to push cars up hills and a few other things (all in lovely, lovely drizzle) and by the time I finished work at 6:15 last night I was collapsing!  Even today my arms and legs are struggling.

Soup of organic lentils and chickpeas with sourdough was an amazing end to the day =)  I have been naughty and had a couple of chocolate squares this morning (gasp!) but I’ll hopefully work that off running up and down the stairs at work today.

Now to listen to a lecture.

Apologies to my future self for the boredom of today’s post, it’s kind of obligatory.  Will hopefully have more to report next week!


Week 2


Today’s boot camp session didn’t go quite as well as it could have.  Okay, actually, it did, but it didn’t.  It did in that I pushed myself and stubbornly did everything we were supposed to.  It didn’t in that when we did ‘races’ at the end in the car park (lunge one way, hop one way, jump the third leg, finish with more hops), plus another race (lunge, run backwards, lunge, run backwards, sprint two laps) I came a spectacular last for both.

It was the hopping, it absolutely killed me!  Who knew hopping was so difficult?  Seriously!  Hopping!  So it was slightly embarrassing finishing a good 30 seconds behind the others, but gosh darn it, I hopped.  There was absolutely no option of not doing it in my mind.
It was a painful session, but rewarding!
So now I’m at home (sort of), I’ve listened to one lecture and now it’s time to study up a storm!  Many props to JJ who is being incredibly encouraging.
Basically, I just need to remember:
                   – every bit of exercise you do does your body good, it just has to!
                   – everything you resisting eating counts, because the small things add up eventually!
I’ve found that even in just a week I’ve started trying to work out what my body is saying.  Last night, sugar cravings.  Unbelievable.  I was hungry, it was past dinnertime (and I hadn’t eaten it yet), but I just wanted sugar.  I’m going out on a limb here (so to speak) and I’m guessing that what my body was craving was ENERGY and it wanted it FAST.
So I told it to shut up and wait for dinner.
Okay, way too much procrastination later, I am going to study!