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Cheat meal!


So today, I decided to have the week’s cheat meal…although doing it the day before I go to the gym for a personal ‘fitness assessment’ probably wasn’t all that smart.

Don’t care, ate Grill’d, it was delicious.  Plus, it feels…well, I could almost call it healthy (at 535cal it’s not horrendous, but it’s not great).  The chips I don’t think I can even vaguely justify apart from the fact that they were yum despite a definite lack of herbed mayo.  Alas for not checking the bag before leaving!  But the point of a cheat meal is to not feel guilty for eating it, it’s to feel good about eating it because you’ve eaten so pedantically (and been so boring about food and exercise) for an entire week.

My reward for losing the first kilo?

Picked that bad boy up last Wednesday – I have never bought myself anything like it!  But I knew I wanted a blue charm for my bracelet, so it seemed the logical choice for my first reward.

And that is all for now.