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Week 2


Right on!


Two sessions of bootcamp have been successfully completed and wow, does my body hurt the next day…and the next day…and then twinge slightly on the third.  Oy.

What I’m aiming to do in the next week is incorporate more exercise into my plan, because obviously, two bootcamp sessions don’t completely cut it.
Tonight I would like to go do some cardio, and so I’m going to try and push myself to do it.  What would be ideal would be to join a gym that is more conveniently located, however, for the meantime I’ll just have to travel!  A little difficult now my car is out of action, alas. Or run around when it’s dark and no one can see me, haha.

One potential hiccup is the fact that I have a quite varied schedule.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are work, and I really should exercise on those days but the constant running up and down the stairs at work gets me every time!  Not to mention the time I should be dedicating to uni (time like now, OH OOPS).
Nevertheless, I shall attempt it.

Monday (tonight): cardio.  It’s on!  Aiming for 40 minutes.  Spin class if I can!
Tuesday: boot camp
Wednesday: resst.
Thursday: cardio + weights.  40 minutes former, 30 of latter.
Friday: boot camp.
Saturday: ressst.
Sunday: cardio.  Aiming for 40 minutes.

It’s a very ambitious plan…but not unachievable.  For this week, days after bootcamp are rest days (or light cardio days) unless I feel I can push it a little harder.

But for now, I have mid-semester no. 2 for one of my uni subjects on Wednesday.  Hellooo, study.


PS. Today, I needed to buy necessities at the mini supermarket at uni (hang on, it gets better).  I picked up a mini caramello koala as a snack…then put him back.  MINI-WIN!
(okay, maybe that story didn’t get better after all).