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Mum wants an iPad


My mum wants an iPad.  Which, if she was the usual sort of mum, wouldn’t really be a problem.  My sister has an iPad2 – she’s a mum (although for her I think it’s become a larger platform on which to play Smurfs, her latest obsession).  I’m sure many mums have iPads and can use them to their fullest.

But when you’re unable to answer a mobile phone, an iPad seems a huge leap in difficulty.

I love my mum, I do.  But she is technologically…well…backward.  Her experience with computers is:

– turn computer on.

– open Solitaire.

– play Solitaire.

– turn computer off.

And she hasn’t done that in many years.  Answering her mobile was a whole other lesson.

“It’s green for go, red for stop.  So press the green button to answer a call…”

“Which button?”

“The green one, mum…that one.  It lights up green.”

“And how do I hang up?”

“The red button.”

“Which one?”

“The one that lights up red.”

“Okay.  How do I make a call?”

“Unlock the keypad…”

“How do I do that?”

Half an hour later, no progress had been made, and her phone lay useless on the table as she headed off to do her shopping.  It remained useless on the table for another week, at which point it had lost all charge (and she seemed kind of surprised by this).

Now, she at least carries it with her, if it only gets charged once every six months when either dad or I remember to put it on for her (now I’m not at home it’s dad’s responsibility, I have no idea what’s going on with it now).

However, mum has decided that she would like to give technology another go – with an iPad.  Why an iPad?  Well, it’s a fairly sensible reason, actually.  For reading.

See, books are expensive.  And wonderful, we love books, we love to hold books and the sensation of turning the pages.  And we go into bookshops like kids into toy stores.  But when you spend $50/week on books, and you’re not made of money, it tends to add up.  So mum has decided that she would like to invest in a thing to read and download books on to save a bit of money.  Also, she’s completely run out of bookcase room (there’s books on books on books behind books in front of books).

And, for some reason, mum has decided that the iPad is the best platform on which to do this (to be honest, they do have a much larger screen than a lot of the eReaders around, which she would need).

I have complete and total faith in her getting completely in confused in learning how to use it.  But I also have complete and total faith that that would not stop her from trying until she gets it right.  We’re stubborn that way.