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Week 1


Well.  Here we are.

This blog has taken a decidedly different turn.  Essentially what happened was that the author was absolutely sick of having a body image issue.  Which puts her in the overwhelming majority of people, so that’s not really anything of note.  The fact that she is now planning to go all out on doing something about it (and even blogging about it) also puts her in an overwhelming majority of people, and as such, is also nothing of note.

Going for the hard sell, people.

What will hopefully be of note is the fact that this will chronicle success, and not just a few weeks of half-hearted attempts before it’s aborted.

Am I being too confident?  Well, no, because if I don’t think I’ll succeed then there is absolutely no point in trying.  So instead of approaching it with the mindset of hoping that it works, I’m going to approach it with the mindset that it will absolutely, definitely work.

This week already a couple of small changes have been implemented.
1. LSA mix with cereal (insert nutritional benefits here).
2. Water bottle glued to me at all times (I’d gotten a bit slack), drink as much to keep hydrated without making my kidneys explode.
3. Always fruit, buying in small quantities so that they don’t sit around and go off.  Plus, finishing the apples or kiwi fruit that you’ve bought feels like winning.  Also, I splurged and bought bananas (so expensive but delicious, amirite?)
4. Small meals through the day rather than 2 or 3 big meals.
5. Almonds in bag for nibbles (OMG I LOVE ALMONDS).
6. Boot camp.  Oh dear god, boot camp.
– this does NOT mean no other exercise.  Yesterday I could barely move my legs (bad) without pain, so I just did basic walking (back to car [~15 mins] plus around uni [~20 mins], all at fast pace because MAN I cannot stand dawdling).  Today will go to gym – arms and abs, plus some rowing on the machine, and maybe take doggo for walk in the dark later.

Also, I have a couple of things to work towards:
– friend’s wedding in 6 months.
– maybe holiday next year.

Next time I’m back next boot camp session will be done. Ohhh dear.