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Week 5


Well!  I changed the ruler on the side to a probably more achievable goal weight…which isn’t the endpoint but rather somewhere in the middle.  So when I lose the next 3kg (and I will, mark my words, I will!) it will feel like a massive accomplishment, rather than a non-event.

And massive accomplishments keep you going!

This week has started with a run in the rain =)  Well, drizzle.  It was very half-hearted rain.  I’ve found that while I run or whatever, I come up with half-hearted inspirational comments (read: platitudes) to convince myself to keep going and not stop and curl up and wail that it’s all too hard.

You know the things.  Along the lines of, ‘If it doesn’t hurt (as in burn, muscles on fire, heart racing hurt) then you’re not doing it right.’  And that something being hard isn’t a reason to stop; that’s the reason to keep going.

I know.  I know.  Really?

But, surprisingly, in my muscles on fire burning state, it actually works.  Being stubborn helps, too.

So now I’m taking a moment or two to drink my SLM shake thing (I know, it just keeps getting worse!  I’m like some sort of gym junkie, only not in a gym) before getting ready for work.

That’s right, kids, got up at 7AM to exercise for an hour before 9 hours of work.  Bloody dedicated!

Tomorrow, abs, in the spirit of boot camp not being on due to a horse race.



Week 2


Today’s boot camp session didn’t go quite as well as it could have.  Okay, actually, it did, but it didn’t.  It did in that I pushed myself and stubbornly did everything we were supposed to.  It didn’t in that when we did ‘races’ at the end in the car park (lunge one way, hop one way, jump the third leg, finish with more hops), plus another race (lunge, run backwards, lunge, run backwards, sprint two laps) I came a spectacular last for both.

It was the hopping, it absolutely killed me!  Who knew hopping was so difficult?  Seriously!  Hopping!  So it was slightly embarrassing finishing a good 30 seconds behind the others, but gosh darn it, I hopped.  There was absolutely no option of not doing it in my mind.
It was a painful session, but rewarding!
So now I’m at home (sort of), I’ve listened to one lecture and now it’s time to study up a storm!  Many props to JJ who is being incredibly encouraging.
Basically, I just need to remember:
                   – every bit of exercise you do does your body good, it just has to!
                   – everything you resisting eating counts, because the small things add up eventually!
I’ve found that even in just a week I’ve started trying to work out what my body is saying.  Last night, sugar cravings.  Unbelievable.  I was hungry, it was past dinnertime (and I hadn’t eaten it yet), but I just wanted sugar.  I’m going out on a limb here (so to speak) and I’m guessing that what my body was craving was ENERGY and it wanted it FAST.
So I told it to shut up and wait for dinner.
Okay, way too much procrastination later, I am going to study!