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Week 3


Another week dawns!

Yesterday we used an iPhone app (I know, I know) which is apparently fairly accurate at testing resting heart rate.  We used it while also checking neck pulses to see if it was actually being fairly accurate, and it seemed to be (this is what we do for giggles, apparently).  Anyway, mine was under 60bpm, which is a fairly healthy resting rate to have!  I’m going to say that it was 100% accurate and COULD NOT have been wrong.  Yep!

In other news, missed boot camp on Friday morning (alas!) due to wardrobe malfunction and timing issues.  So, later, I got into my workout gear and headed to a nearby oval to complete a lap, aiming to run as much as possible.  Every time I stopped to walk, I also had to do 10 squat jumps (punishment!).

The next day, I did something similar, only as well as the squat jumps, I alternated with doing 10 push ups (on the fence/barrier thing) or 10 tricep dips as well.  Finishing with 20 of all three before stretching and limping off.  The sun was shining, I was feeling optimistic…all in all, both workouts left me feeling pretty good!  But also fairly sore, so I mostly rested on the weekend (along with working and all that entails – standing, walking, and running up and down the stairs!).

Had a couple of slightly naughty but not really dinners – home made pizza (it’s the BEST!  Tomato paste, garlic, oregano and basil on pita bread, topped with capsicum, mushrooms, onion, olives, pineapple, a sprinkle of cheese and then topped with spinach leaves), and the next day home made pasta (very similar to above but also with diced tomatoes and made into a sauce, and with a small amount of pasta).

Now we’re back to official business as usual!  The next couple of days will unfortunately be fairly painful work and workout wise, but by Tuesday night it’ll be all good!

Also, need to buy scales so I can actually weigh myself and the little ticker in the right hand corner isn’t for nothing!