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Week 2


Week 2 is definitely more productive blog-wise than week 1!

Last night wasn’t so great, following staff meeting that ended at 8:30 (blargh) dinner still hadn’t happened.  Along with the fact that dinner wouldn’t have been cooked until much later, this left me wandering the aisles thinking, ‘Can’t eat this…can’t eat this…can’t eat that…should eat this…thought of eating that is highly unappealing…’ until I eventually collapsed in an emotional heap, declared there was nothing to eat, and so didn’t.

This is bad, bad, bad.  This is very bad relationship with food that I need to amend.

In other news, today!  Spectacularly unproductive so far, but I’m okay with that.  Plans (for today and in general):
– today: go for jog!  Every time I stop to walk, squat jumps.

– in general: buy scales.  I don’t own any, I don’t particularly like the idea, but I’m going to anyway.  However, there will be rules!
# Weigh myself once per week, and once per week ONLY.
# Same time of day, same clothing.

– in general: buy diary for next  year.  Just…well, just because.


Excited for my points count for uni to come through.  Stoked at the idea of knowing exactly what to do to graduate next year!