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Week 8


Bye bye, Pharmacology, and bye bye exams until next year!

Final exam for the semester was yesterday and, just quietly, it went pretty damn well!  One of those exams where pretty much everything you studied was on it, and the stuff you didn’t either wasn’t, or you just didn’t choose that question to answer (had to answer 6/8).

So goodbye, uni, for 3 months!  I’ll see you again in March for my penultimate semester, and my last full time semester (*gasp!*)

And what’s the best way to celebrate your first full day of freedom in a while?  Why, boot camp, of course!  This morning we went back to a hill we’ve seen before (but not one that I’ve mentioned here, I don’t think).  For sprinting!  And push ups.  Then more sprinting!  Then push ups.  Then another sprint!  Then bear crawls.  Then backwards bear crawls (honestly, a video of us doing that would have been a comedic masterpiece).  The latter weren’t so successful, we barely made it up half the hill (I barely made it half a metre), so they took pity on us and let us do them the normal way.

Then lunging, jogging, more push ups, tricep dips, squat jumps, on and on and on…

Tomorrow I’m gonna hurt!


Week 8


Third last session of boot camp tomorrow!  *gasp*  But, more importantly…

Bye bye, Immunology!

I’m both 🙂 and 😦 about this.  While doing it I thought it would never end (possibly chose the wrong major?) but now that it has it’s kind of sad.

No time for complacency yet.  Virology, I’ve got my eye on you!

Also, yesterday, I did W4D3.  Into a head-wind.  That…kind of sucked.  But I did it!  (That seems to be my motivating sentence these days.  Regardless of anything that happened or how it went, I finished the damn thing!).


Week 7


Also known as, ‘OWW MY ARMS WHYY.’

When the boys get the tyres and jerry cans out, you know it’s going to hurt.

When you then walk said tyres and jerry cans to a hill (this hill), you know it’s going to really hurt.

Then when you’re split into teams and you have to race each other in each exercise, you know you probably won’t be moving the following day.  Because damnit, I hate losing!

And we didn’t.  But only just.  Purely because in the last exercise one of the boys helped someone on the other team get their tyre up the hill, then helped me take mine back down to make it fair.  And so there was only one thing in my mind.


In other dramatic news: exams!  Next week!  In three days!

I’m a bit scared.  Suffering that feeling of definitely not putting enough work in during the semester.  Not to mention the feeling of ‘NO MORE NOTES PLEASE NO MORE’.  Having taken all these days off work, the last few days have basically consisted of:

– 9:00 – get up.

– eat

– start studying

– a few hours later stop studying.  Walk/run/get out.

– start studying.

– sometime between 18:00 and 20:00 stop studying.

And so on and so forth.  Sadly, still far behind actually revising everything I need to.  But OH WELL we do what we can.  And now that it’s nearly 9:00, guess what I’m about to start doing!

Oh yes!  Exciting Immunology, which is exam one (Monday).  Followed by Virology (exam two, Wednesday) and Pharmacology (exam three, Thursday), followed by SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM.