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Week 6


This morning was a bit of a disappointing start to my exercise week following all the positivity I was feeling on the weekend and yesterday!


Unfortunately, dear friends, boot camp did not go as well as it could have.  I should have realised from the first warm-up exercises when my legs were feeling achey that it wasn’t going to be a very high-powered day for me, but nevertheless, I pushed on.

(Only 4.5 hours of sleep definitely didn’t help!)

For some reason, for every exercise we did, my legs simply said:

Honestly, I was so close to this

Bear crawls up a hill?  How hard could that be?

It turns out, very.

Sprinting after bear crawls?

Backwards bear crawls?



More sprinting?

Legs on fire!  Hurting before they should have been.  Words could not express how frustrated I was that my body was just not responding in the way that I knew it could and that I was coming up a very definite last in every race.  Finally had something of a mini-teary (privately!) out of pure frustration.

But, but, regardless of all that, I didn’t quit, I didn’t leave, and I didn’t give up.  Damned if I was going to stop!  So I kept pushing it all the way until the final exercise and decided that if nothing else, today was an incentive to work even harder.

I talked to JJ about it afterwards and apparently sometimes this just happens.  For some reason or another, there are days where your muscles refuse to co-operate.  It could be that you’ve pushed it too hard a few days before, that you haven’t eaten properly or that you just haven’t slept enough and your body isn’t rejuvenated and ready to go.

In any case, chalking it all down to experience.  At least I exercised, right?  It all helps!

Friday will be BETTER!  I know it!