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The inevitable has happened – I have an injury.  And not just any injury according to Dr. Google: a groin pull.

Yeah, it’s not what it sounds like (really!).  It’s actually in my left thigh, from about the middle up to the hip.  It started maybe a week and a half ago, but only when I’d actually finished running did I feel it.  So I didn’t worry too much, did a bit of extra stretching and continued on with routine as normal.

Come Sunday, and I went for a walk up in the hills…and after about 2km had to turn back because my leg hurt, and at that point I knew something bad was happening.  Did some more stretching, did some Google searching, took a couple of days off running and hoped for the best.

Yesterday, I laced up my shoes and got going at 11:00PM (yes, you heard right!) following my friends’ engagement celebration dinner (weddings everywhere over here, zomg).  And within 20-30 seconds of actually starting to run had to stop because there it was, leg twinge!

I cried.  For the fitness I’ll lose, and the weight I won’t.

My first running battle scar (so to speak) and I hate it!  I need to get used to it, because runners are notoriously prone to injuries everywhere, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever, ever like it.

So now I’m on a week long running ban, and am stretching like a mad woman every morning and night to try and get this thing to stop.  Because, as I’ve been told, the pain is a way of that muscle telling my body, ‘No, no, stop!  Not ready yet!’

In related news, I’ve started a calorie counting exercise!  I’m not very good at it, it turns out.  Today, after having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and about 15 maltichocs (which are like maltesers but AMAZING) I’m still about 500 calories underneath my recommended intake…which is about 500 calories less than I would need to maintain my weight.  This is bad.  This is eating into muscle territory but damnit, I don’t want any more food!

Who’d have thought that my problem with calorie counting would be that I don’t eat enough?