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So, probably should have posted about this when it first happened.  But, about a week ago, I achieved one of the first goals I made for myself when I started running – I wanted to do a full lap of the park (~3.2km) without stopping.

Honestly, I was pretty freaking ecstatic when I did it.  I ran a whole lap!  And I’ve done it another 4 times!  I actually am starting to feel like a legitimate runner now.  Especially because (on the basis of this achievement) I signed myself up for a 5k in July!  Of course, the Expert now thinks I should have signed up for the 10k because of ‘how fast I improve’, but for my first proper run (unless I do another one in the meantime), I think it’s best to start small.  Baby steps.  And even then, I can simply push it and see how fast I can go!  I’ve signed up for the 30-35 minute wave, but my aim is to be as close to 30 minutes as possible.  If under – wow!!  But that’s a huge goal when simply finishing will be enough for me.

So that’s where the running’s at!  I’m doing week 7 at the moment (3×25 minute runs), with one “free run” per week (which have been running laps and seeing how fast I do it).  As of, well, today I’m going to add in some extra strength and fitness training which I’ve gotten from Runner’s World magazine.

Sadly, haven’t really seen any body changes (ie. haven’t really lost any weight), except that my arms are looking more defined.  I’m thinking that I need to get even stricter with my diet (the other day I worked and did not eat a single piece of chocolate!  Not even a pastille!  Good habit to get into), and load up the vegies and protein.  But, the stronger I get and the further I can run, the more I’ll burn.  And the more muscle mass I have, the more I’ll burn!  Next investment will be weights.  Also, wanting to start yoga/pilates – for relaxation and building of lean muscle.  Next plan after that, at the end of this semester, is to join a tennis club and get playing.

I’m seriously excited!



Quick C25K update


I haven’t abandoned the blog!  But working full time seems to take its toll – so tired!  But weekends off are incredible.

So far, C25K is going pretty well!  I’m up to W5D2, which I’ve done twice – that’s an 8 minute run, followed by 5 minute walk, followed by 8 minute run.  So far, so good – run at the same pace both times (although I think the second time I started off slower, and then compensated later).  In any case, I wasn’t slower the second time, and I certainly felt like I was running better – more in a groove, and like I could potentially keep going if I needed to.  Considering W5D3 is a 20 minute run (halp!), that’s a good thing!

I think I’ll do W5D2 again, though.  Just to make sure!

Today, Christmas shopping/packing up house.  Tomorrow, more packing up house (hopefully completed), then mum’s  birthday.  Then one day of work, then Darwin, then home, then Christmas 🙂

So for the 10 days I’m in Darwin it will be silent blog-wise.  But then I’ll be back!




Boot camp is over!


Well, actually, they decided to extend it for two weeks BUT my boot camp experience (hopefully not the last!) is done for now.  The last session was unfortunately not the best, I just…wasn’t feeling it.  I seemed so much less fit than everybody else in the group, I was far behind them in everything, and (while I know the point isn’t to finish everything first) it just made me feel…crap.

I know I should have felt inspired to work harder, but…I guess the negativity took over a little bit.

So, after a two day (three day, actually!  Shocking!) hiatus, I ran again (W5D1, for the second time).  And it felt good!  I did not like the feeling of not having exercised for a few days.  Especially running!  What if I can’t run anymore?? I thought.  What if I’ve lost it?

Well, I hadn’t.  And I ran again today.  Today and yesterday using my nifty new armband!

Like this, only with a clear screen at the front

How did I run without you, Mr. Armband??  I no longer have to hold my phone!  I’m hands free!  Not to mention, I look like a legitimate runner when I wear it.  All kitted out, I mean srs bzns.

Also, uni results came back.  And were as expected for the effort that was put in, ha.  Best subject?  Viruses!  WHUT.  NO SENSE.



Honestly, it makes me think that there’s a really fundamental fact in immunology (or several) that I am just Not Getting.  But hey, doesn’t matter now!

And tomorrow, work.  Had my first week last week doing corporate/customer orders.  Scary!  Hopefully all goes well tomorrow and everything gets sent out as it should.

Then later, Skyrim.


Week 7


Yesterday I ran in the rain!  I admit, I didn’t realise it was raining when I stepped outside the door, but once I had…well, I was already dressed!  May as well suck it up and do it.

So out I went and completed W4D2 of C25K (acronyms yay!).

Plus nothing beats the feeling of coming inside from being COMPLETELY drenched and jumping into a nice hot shower.  Then scrambled eggs NOM (to clarify: I did not jump into the scrambled eggs).

Last night and this morning haven’t been so great.  A combination of PMS (whee) and 3 exams (whoo) next week have left me decidedly miserable.  Especially because,

A) I don’t think I’ll have the marks for honours, and

B) I don’t really want to do honours, because

C) I am not enjoying my major AT ALL.

So I guess it kind of balances, but it would have been nice to have the option.  Especially because a couple of people have said, ‘OH, YOU SO SMART, YOU’LL GET H1S NO PROBLEM LOL’.  So I feel like I should live up to this uber-intelligent opinion people have of me.

Either that or be coy about how I go.  Or lie.  I should probably lie.

So what I am hoping is that potential employers look at my resume and think, ‘Wow!  B.A/B.Sc from unimelb!’ and not actually delve deeper and see that it took me nearly 7 years to do (it’s meant to take 5) and that my results look like some kind of crazy rollercoaster (fail, H1,near fail, H1, not so good mark, H2A, okay mark, H1…).

So yes.  Miserable.  Until Thursday afternoon/night, at which point sorrows will be drowned and life proper can begin again.

And this afternoon, a run.  W4D3, bring it on!