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Week 8


Bye bye, Pharmacology, and bye bye exams until next year!

Final exam for the semester was yesterday and, just quietly, it went pretty damn well!  One of those exams where pretty much everything you studied was on it, and the stuff you didn’t either wasn’t, or you just didn’t choose that question to answer (had to answer 6/8).

So goodbye, uni, for 3 months!  I’ll see you again in March for my penultimate semester, and my last full time semester (*gasp!*)

And what’s the best way to celebrate your first full day of freedom in a while?  Why, boot camp, of course!  This morning we went back to a hill we’ve seen before (but not one that I’ve mentioned here, I don’t think).  For sprinting!  And push ups.  Then more sprinting!  Then push ups.  Then another sprint!  Then bear crawls.  Then backwards bear crawls (honestly, a video of us doing that would have been a comedic masterpiece).  The latter weren’t so successful, we barely made it up half the hill (I barely made it half a metre), so they took pity on us and let us do them the normal way.

Then lunging, jogging, more push ups, tricep dips, squat jumps, on and on and on…

Tomorrow I’m gonna hurt!


Week 8


Running!  Legs hurting, vision narrowing, breathing hard running.

Well, jogging.

First, it was 10 tricep dips on a park bench at the bottom of the hill, sprint up said hill, then 10 push ups at the top on the fence.  Then 9.  Then 8.  Then 7.

On the plus side, the push ups were absolutely nothing because I’m used to doing them on a muuuuch lower fence so they were super easy.

Of course, everyone else finished before me WAH.  But, as consolation

– I never stopped to walk, ever.

– Apparently (according to one trainer) my tricep dips were better and really low.

Then, to the carparks!

10 squat jumps, 10 lunge jumps, run the entire carpark.   9 squat jumps, 9 lunge jumps, run the entire carpark.

Standing at the beginning of that, doing the 10 squat jumps and lunge jumps it felt like the longest, most impossible task.  We’d just been sprinting up a hill (well, stumbling).  And it just seemed like an impossible amount of running.

Just keep running until...well, forever.

I wish I knew how long it took us to do that second exercise.

But did I stop to walk?


Honestly, most of that is just pure stubbornness.  I decided from the get-go that stopping to walk was unacceptable, and stuck to my guns.  Sure, I was slow (third last).  But I did it! (there we go with that catchphrase again).

Then got home and collapsed, totally zonked.  Woke up an hour later and my stomach was EATING ITSELF SO HUNGRY.

Study time!  Virology awaits!


Week 7


Also known as, ‘OWW MY ARMS WHYY.’

When the boys get the tyres and jerry cans out, you know it’s going to hurt.

When you then walk said tyres and jerry cans to a hill (this hill), you know it’s going to really hurt.

Then when you’re split into teams and you have to race each other in each exercise, you know you probably won’t be moving the following day.  Because damnit, I hate losing!

And we didn’t.  But only just.  Purely because in the last exercise one of the boys helped someone on the other team get their tyre up the hill, then helped me take mine back down to make it fair.  And so there was only one thing in my mind.


In other dramatic news: exams!  Next week!  In three days!

I’m a bit scared.  Suffering that feeling of definitely not putting enough work in during the semester.  Not to mention the feeling of ‘NO MORE NOTES PLEASE NO MORE’.  Having taken all these days off work, the last few days have basically consisted of:

– 9:00 – get up.

– eat

– start studying

– a few hours later stop studying.  Walk/run/get out.

– start studying.

– sometime between 18:00 and 20:00 stop studying.

And so on and so forth.  Sadly, still far behind actually revising everything I need to.  But OH WELL we do what we can.  And now that it’s nearly 9:00, guess what I’m about to start doing!

Oh yes!  Exciting Immunology, which is exam one (Monday).  Followed by Virology (exam two, Wednesday) and Pharmacology (exam three, Thursday), followed by SWEET, SWEET FREEDOM.


Week 7


Whoo!  Nearly at week 8!  Which means two things:

– the end of boot camp (sad!), and

– exams (scary!)

Yesterday I decided to go for a run and just…run.  Just see how far my usual track is using iMapMyRun (which includes a lovely lady who tells you every five minutes how far you’ve gone and how fast you’re going), and exactly how much I can run if that’s all I do (without any squat jumps or anything mixed in).  Also, I found that last Tuesday I wasn’t recovered enough for boot camp after doing a pretty intense run/train session on…Sunday?… so decided to give that a skip so I’d be nice and rested.

I did 3km in 23 minutes (not great), and stopped to walk twice (not bad).  The tricky part of it was manoeuvring…turned out there was some sort of fundraising walk on at the park, which meant huge groups of people taking up ALL of the space on the track.  Being a Sunday morning, there were quite a few people out running, and it never seemed to twig to the walkers that they were in the way when runners were having to go around them (I nearly hit a tree, aha) and were occasionally shouting, ‘EXCUSE ME!’ as they ran through.

So ducking and turning and weaving, I will claim, pushed the difficulty up a notch.  Yep!

Also, guess what we did at boot camp this morning?

Trainers suck

That’s right!  Beep test!

You knew the people who had done it and those that hadn’t.  Honestly, I would’ve loved to have a picture of the moment our faces fell when they said those two, dreaded words.

So up we trudged to a segment of carpark to complete the dreaded test (how did we not see it coming when they had an iPod dock and orange cones set up?).

There are some things in life you will never forget.  One is how to ride a bicycle.  The other is what the beep test recording sounds like.  Even if you can’t quite recall how they go at first, from the very first second you start you think, ‘Oh, NOW I remember!’  Only riding a bicycle fills you with glee, and the beep test fills you with resounding loathing for those who are forcing it upon you.

*beep beep BEEP*

“Level one, one.”


“Level one, two.”


“Level one, three.”


I wasn’t the first to drop out, but I wasn’t the last.  I was somewhere in the middle at 5.5, which is…okay.  It shows middling fitness.  But was I having flashbacks to high school or what!

Back then, I reckon I would’ve dropped out around level 3.  It would have been embarrassingly bad.  So the fact that I could do it to a level that was average was…fairly pleasing.  Also, I worked out why it’s called the beep test – because every time you get to the line just in time to hear the beep and you realise you have to keep running and not stop you think, ‘Fuck!’

At least, I was.

Also, if I have it my way, those trainers* are doing the beep test at our final session.  Followed by 50 burpees.  Followed by the beep test again to see how much they’ve “improved”.

Nice plan, me!

And now to study, perchance to pass.


*Please note that I have nothing but fondness and the highest regard for the men we pay to hurt us every week, purely because we’re all seeing results.

Week 6


Here we are!  Second boot camp session for the week, and was it more successful than the first?

You bet it was!  Honestly, I was so stoked at the end of it.  I was pumped!  We did something similar to what we did a couple of weeks ago…ran through the park, stopped to run up a hill and do other exercises, ran through more park, stopped to do more exercises, then some more running…all in all, 3.5k of running.

Did I stop to walk?


Did I do all the exercises and push it hard?

Hells yes!

Honestly, the fact that I could run as easily as I did today (although while I say easily, it clearly wasn’t easy easy…more that I felt my body could keep on going) made me realise that all the running and jumping and push upping is actually paying off.

It also made me realise that running a 5k…is actually possible.  With some more training, I could actually do that.  WOW!

That session put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  I’m still in a great mood, even though I’m utterly exhausted.  But still pushing on (going out for dinner halp!  Should probably be awake for that, I don’t think people find it hugely appropriate to snore into soup and use bread as a pillow).

So yes, you could say that this session was more successful than Tuesday’s =) Roll on next week!


PS. Also, bought my own set of scales, which has me at 1kg higher than the scales I was weighing at.  Alas!  But, I’ll be true to what these ones say.  Or maybe they’re both the same and I’ve just put on some muscle mass?  You know what, that sounds totally reasonable, let’s go with that!

Week 6


This morning was a bit of a disappointing start to my exercise week following all the positivity I was feeling on the weekend and yesterday!


Unfortunately, dear friends, boot camp did not go as well as it could have.  I should have realised from the first warm-up exercises when my legs were feeling achey that it wasn’t going to be a very high-powered day for me, but nevertheless, I pushed on.

(Only 4.5 hours of sleep definitely didn’t help!)

For some reason, for every exercise we did, my legs simply said:

Honestly, I was so close to this

Bear crawls up a hill?  How hard could that be?

It turns out, very.

Sprinting after bear crawls?

Backwards bear crawls?



More sprinting?

Legs on fire!  Hurting before they should have been.  Words could not express how frustrated I was that my body was just not responding in the way that I knew it could and that I was coming up a very definite last in every race.  Finally had something of a mini-teary (privately!) out of pure frustration.

But, but, regardless of all that, I didn’t quit, I didn’t leave, and I didn’t give up.  Damned if I was going to stop!  So I kept pushing it all the way until the final exercise and decided that if nothing else, today was an incentive to work even harder.

I talked to JJ about it afterwards and apparently sometimes this just happens.  For some reason or another, there are days where your muscles refuse to co-operate.  It could be that you’ve pushed it too hard a few days before, that you haven’t eaten properly or that you just haven’t slept enough and your body isn’t rejuvenated and ready to go.

In any case, chalking it all down to experience.  At least I exercised, right?  It all helps!

Friday will be BETTER!  I know it!


Week 5


Back to routine with boot camp this morning!  Yet another circuit (which are quite fun!) involving the flying fox (the most fun) and burpees (the least fun).  Not to mention pushing cars.  Also, lunge jumps.  So many lunge jumps.  Then some more burpees (whyyyy?).

Then got home and OM NOM NOM MUESLI BAR (not ideal, but I don’t have any milk so my options are limited).

Definitely feeling fitter than I was a few weeks ago, which means I’m heading in the right direction.  The challenge will be when boot camp finishes and I just have my own exercises, but I’ll think about that closer to when the time comes (which, handily, is during exams).  Mostly now just focusing on studying, working and trying to eat well (which is going well for the most part despite OM NOM CRUMPETS every now and then).

In unrelated news, I encountered the scariest manga/comic I have ever read the other day.  Actually may never recover.

Verrrrry tempted to link it on FB just for giggles, except I’m too scared to actually find it.  CHICKEN.


Week 4


So, they didn’t hold back on boot camp this week.  At all.  Tuesday involved a hill.  So much hill.  Today involved a huuuge circuit.  So much circuit.

But hey, lost a kilo!  Lost a couple of kilos, I think, but I’ll be conservative and just say 1.  HELLS YEAH PROGRESS!!  Got a high five for that.  Actually seeing results like that just blew my mind.  I don’t know what I was expecting…for all the hard work to actually do nothing?  For some reason part of my brain just went, ‘WHOA THIS SHIT WORKS!’

And yes, totally updated the ticker over there.

Pretty stoked!

And now to listen to a lecture before work.  This is all rather repetitive, yes?  It’s nearly exams!  It’s all I live for!


Week 3


Wow.  Running in the hot sun is an absolute killer!  That run did not go as well as I had hoped for, but I guess at least I did it!

Boot camp was interesting yesterday.  We had to push cars up hills and a few other things (all in lovely, lovely drizzle) and by the time I finished work at 6:15 last night I was collapsing!  Even today my arms and legs are struggling.

Soup of organic lentils and chickpeas with sourdough was an amazing end to the day =)  I have been naughty and had a couple of chocolate squares this morning (gasp!) but I’ll hopefully work that off running up and down the stairs at work today.

Now to listen to a lecture.

Apologies to my future self for the boredom of today’s post, it’s kind of obligatory.  Will hopefully have more to report next week!


Week 2


Today’s boot camp session didn’t go quite as well as it could have.  Okay, actually, it did, but it didn’t.  It did in that I pushed myself and stubbornly did everything we were supposed to.  It didn’t in that when we did ‘races’ at the end in the car park (lunge one way, hop one way, jump the third leg, finish with more hops), plus another race (lunge, run backwards, lunge, run backwards, sprint two laps) I came a spectacular last for both.

It was the hopping, it absolutely killed me!  Who knew hopping was so difficult?  Seriously!  Hopping!  So it was slightly embarrassing finishing a good 30 seconds behind the others, but gosh darn it, I hopped.  There was absolutely no option of not doing it in my mind.
It was a painful session, but rewarding!
So now I’m at home (sort of), I’ve listened to one lecture and now it’s time to study up a storm!  Many props to JJ who is being incredibly encouraging.
Basically, I just need to remember:
                   – every bit of exercise you do does your body good, it just has to!
                   – everything you resisting eating counts, because the small things add up eventually!
I’ve found that even in just a week I’ve started trying to work out what my body is saying.  Last night, sugar cravings.  Unbelievable.  I was hungry, it was past dinnertime (and I hadn’t eaten it yet), but I just wanted sugar.  I’m going out on a limb here (so to speak) and I’m guessing that what my body was craving was ENERGY and it wanted it FAST.
So I told it to shut up and wait for dinner.
Okay, way too much procrastination later, I am going to study!