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I’ve been maintaining for the last couple of weeks (amazingly!) after pushing past that 65kg barrier.  I’m not entirely sure what happened…I think because I reached that huge milestone part of me went, ‘phew!’ and relaxed a little bit.  I didn’t have that huge pressure of ‘GET TO 65KG NAAAOOOOO’ because hey, I’d already done it!

(Plus there’s been two weddings, two funerals and three assignments.  And a broken car.  Oh, proper groceries, I miss you ).

The good news is that I (for the most part) didn’t gain for that couple of weeks (although I think I’ll avoid Monday’s weighing because of the Grill’d dinner I just ate OM NOM).

The bad news is that I didn’t lose.

So now, I’m kicking back into gear.

I’ve got a gym plan.  I’ve got a car.  I’ve got motivation.  I’ve got support.  So really, I have got NO excuses.

My aim is to continue into week two of this plan (I did week 1 last week and couldn’t walk properly for two days after the legs session).  However, while she recommends doing no cardio for the first phase in order to build up the muscle, the idea of going 12 weeks without any cardio…it isn’t fathomable.  I can’t…not.  It keeps me going!  (Literally.  I ride everywhere).

Fingers crossed!

In other news, I’m using this fine Saturday night to scope out music and bemoan the kids of today for having no taste.