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Week 7


Whoo!  Nearly at week 8!  Which means two things:

– the end of boot camp (sad!), and

– exams (scary!)

Yesterday I decided to go for a run and just…run.  Just see how far my usual track is using iMapMyRun (which includes a lovely lady who tells you every five minutes how far you’ve gone and how fast you’re going), and exactly how much I can run if that’s all I do (without any squat jumps or anything mixed in).  Also, I found that last Tuesday I wasn’t recovered enough for boot camp after doing a pretty intense run/train session on…Sunday?… so decided to give that a skip so I’d be nice and rested.

I did 3km in 23 minutes (not great), and stopped to walk twice (not bad).  The tricky part of it was manoeuvring…turned out there was some sort of fundraising walk on at the park, which meant huge groups of people taking up ALL of the space on the track.  Being a Sunday morning, there were quite a few people out running, and it never seemed to twig to the walkers that they were in the way when runners were having to go around them (I nearly hit a tree, aha) and were occasionally shouting, ‘EXCUSE ME!’ as they ran through.

So ducking and turning and weaving, I will claim, pushed the difficulty up a notch.  Yep!

Also, guess what we did at boot camp this morning?

Trainers suck

That’s right!  Beep test!

You knew the people who had done it and those that hadn’t.  Honestly, I would’ve loved to have a picture of the moment our faces fell when they said those two, dreaded words.

So up we trudged to a segment of carpark to complete the dreaded test (how did we not see it coming when they had an iPod dock and orange cones set up?).

There are some things in life you will never forget.  One is how to ride a bicycle.  The other is what the beep test recording sounds like.  Even if you can’t quite recall how they go at first, from the very first second you start you think, ‘Oh, NOW I remember!’  Only riding a bicycle fills you with glee, and the beep test fills you with resounding loathing for those who are forcing it upon you.

*beep beep BEEP*

“Level one, one.”


“Level one, two.”


“Level one, three.”


I wasn’t the first to drop out, but I wasn’t the last.  I was somewhere in the middle at 5.5, which is…okay.  It shows middling fitness.  But was I having flashbacks to high school or what!

Back then, I reckon I would’ve dropped out around level 3.  It would have been embarrassingly bad.  So the fact that I could do it to a level that was average was…fairly pleasing.  Also, I worked out why it’s called the beep test – because every time you get to the line just in time to hear the beep and you realise you have to keep running and not stop you think, ‘Fuck!’

At least, I was.

Also, if I have it my way, those trainers* are doing the beep test at our final session.  Followed by 50 burpees.  Followed by the beep test again to see how much they’ve “improved”.

Nice plan, me!

And now to study, perchance to pass.


*Please note that I have nothing but fondness and the highest regard for the men we pay to hurt us every week, purely because we’re all seeing results.