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Week 6


Honestly, just cannot believe that I started boot camp 5 weeks ago and that I’m already feeling so much better!  Today before work I’m going to head to the shops and buy a set of scales (dreaded enemy!) in order to weigh myself nice and early tomorrow morning before doing anything else.  Fingers crossed there’s some changes!

As far as this week goes…well, today has been quite relaxed!  Enjoyed some sun this morning while studying (nothing feels better when studying than having the sun shining down!  On the flipside, there are many more interesting things to do when it’s sunny so that can have some drawbacks).  Now doing a little bit of procrastination (my favourite!) before completing one more lecture and heading to work (late shift, whee).

Yesterday I went for a run and tried to push myself harder than I had been.  Finished it all off with 30 squat jumps, 3o push ups, 3o tricep dips, and a plank for however long I could hold it.  30 seconds and I was out!  (Not that bad considering I’d been running and jumping and push-upping for the last 50 minutes).  Threw a few sit ups in the mix as well.  So, next time, moar plank!

Looking forward to an even better run on Wednesday/Thursday.  =)

I also decided yesterday that maybe, just maybe, I’d like to sign up for an actual run – only a 5k, but it’s a start!  That way I have something to motivate myself, something that I can work towards.  And something I can complete and feel super good about (because not finishing is no option).  My plan for the moment is, once boot camp ends, to get on the couch to 5k plan.  Hopefully, due to all that I’m doing now, I’ll be able to start a couple of weeks in but we’ll see…I’m not going to push it too hard too early for no good reason!

I’m excited to see results.  And a medal.  Teehee.

But for now, should probably get to the next lecture which is, appropriately, drugs for pain.