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A cold, TToM and swot vac?

It’s like a trifecta of bad.  I’ll waddle onto the scales on Monday morning weighing 10x more than when I started and with a few extra chins.

Although, it hasn’t been too bad so far (but it is only Wednesday!).  I did ride to and from the city yesterday (but I also ate a chocolate frog and some cake), and it was only the first full day of feeling icky (it struck me Monday night, the jerk, so Monday’s gym session was all good).  Tomorrow I should be up to a light gym session, and I don’t actually have any snacks in the house because…well, I never do.  Apart from some dark chocolate ginger block, but it’s really getting to desperate times if I start devouring that.

So, all in all, maybe I won’t be the size of a house come Monday.  That would be a nice result!  My grammar does seems a bit whack today, but I’ll blame the cold and flu tablets for causing that one.

However, I have lost 8kg since January.  Eight of the things!!  I could carry an 8kg weight, and that would have been the extra I was carrying somewhere on me for so long (I think I hit the 70kg mark around a year and a half ago).


Rapid recap


So, once again, my horrendous inability to blog properly has left me with around a month to summarise.

And what a month!

On-topic, the osteo has finally (finally!!) said I can start running again…but only once a week.  And only 1-2km.  On a treadmill.  And after I buy new shoes (doctor’s orders).

My number for my first 5K race also arrived in the mail, a horrible reminder that I won’t be competing in my first 5K race at the end of April afterall.

However, I have reached my second mini-goal weight of 65kg.  Reached, and smashed straight through!

(I even composed and choreographed a mini-song to go with it).

So now we’re gunning for 62kg.  Do I hear 62kg?

This means, as of about now, I’ve lost around 5.5kg.  Nearly 6kg.


This system works.  It freaking works.  You exercise, you eat well (and treat yourself, I have a cheat meal and a chocolate treat once a week) and the weight actually moves.  I continue to be amazed by this!

The downside?

I’m starting to notice the ramifications in the clothes that I wear.  Shorts that I bought just before Christmas last year?  Too big, starting to look ridiculous.  A skirt I bought maybe a month before that?  Need the next size down.

In off-topic news, a friend’s wedding!  She looked divine (of course), he looked quite smart, and together they made a happy (if somewhat nervous looking) couple.  Fun was had by all!  Sadly, it was on the same night as an engagement party that I would have loved to attend.  However, there’s another engagement party this weekend!  And a week after that, another wedding.  And then it settles down somewhat until next year.

Also, Easter!  ‘Tis the season that brings out all the sulky adults who can’t believe that 2 hours before we close on the day before Easter we’ve run out of most everything.  And who will have a mini-tantrum if you can’t provide them the tasting that they want.

“But don’t you have ANYTHING  in milk chocolate?”
“Why don’t you have more stock?”

Honestly, you should’ve been here even a week ago, when we had stock overflowing from every single place we could put it!  Upstairs, downstairs, in our extra storage room, we had freaking Easter chocolate all over the place.

When we say buy your Easter chocolate early – we mean it!

And now, to study the muscles of the upper limb.


Sudden thought


I think I’m almost ready to start running again!  Can I get a woohoo for pain?

In related news, while at the gym the other day, I had a thought.  A thought that I’ve had before, but a thought nonetheless.

You see that guy, sitting innocently up there?  He’s a 3kg medicine ball (why are they called that?  Surely this would just exacerbate the problem for those with a phobia of swallowing tablets).  He triggered my epiphany as I raised him above my head to do lunges, but other things could do just as well.

Did you know that there is such a thing as the 3L milk challenge? Me neither, until I googled this thing.

To this point, I have lost about 3kg give or take a couple of hundred grams.  That means that, somewhere on me, I am no longer carrying either a 3kg medicine ball or a 3L bottle of milk (given that 1mL of milk is equivalent to 1g BUT I DIGRESS).  Because this weight was distributed all over the place (apparently my face is thinner, which is great, because that was ABSOLUTELY the number one place I wanted to lose weight from.  Certainly not from my hips or thighs, that would be silly) it’s fairly difficult to see or get a real feel for what I’ve lost.

It’s such a strange feeling to hold that in your hands and realise you were carrying it for so long just…on you.

But no more!


PS. Seriously, 3L milk challenge is a thing.  Google it.



The inevitable has happened – I have an injury.  And not just any injury according to Dr. Google: a groin pull.

Yeah, it’s not what it sounds like (really!).  It’s actually in my left thigh, from about the middle up to the hip.  It started maybe a week and a half ago, but only when I’d actually finished running did I feel it.  So I didn’t worry too much, did a bit of extra stretching and continued on with routine as normal.

Come Sunday, and I went for a walk up in the hills…and after about 2km had to turn back because my leg hurt, and at that point I knew something bad was happening.  Did some more stretching, did some Google searching, took a couple of days off running and hoped for the best.

Yesterday, I laced up my shoes and got going at 11:00PM (yes, you heard right!) following my friends’ engagement celebration dinner (weddings everywhere over here, zomg).  And within 20-30 seconds of actually starting to run had to stop because there it was, leg twinge!

I cried.  For the fitness I’ll lose, and the weight I won’t.

My first running battle scar (so to speak) and I hate it!  I need to get used to it, because runners are notoriously prone to injuries everywhere, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever, ever like it.

So now I’m on a week long running ban, and am stretching like a mad woman every morning and night to try and get this thing to stop.  Because, as I’ve been told, the pain is a way of that muscle telling my body, ‘No, no, stop!  Not ready yet!’

In related news, I’ve started a calorie counting exercise!  I’m not very good at it, it turns out.  Today, after having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and about 15 maltichocs (which are like maltesers but AMAZING) I’m still about 500 calories underneath my recommended intake…which is about 500 calories less than I would need to maintain my weight.  This is bad.  This is eating into muscle territory but damnit, I don’t want any more food!

Who’d have thought that my problem with calorie counting would be that I don’t eat enough?


Week 4


So, they didn’t hold back on boot camp this week.  At all.  Tuesday involved a hill.  So much hill.  Today involved a huuuge circuit.  So much circuit.

But hey, lost a kilo!  Lost a couple of kilos, I think, but I’ll be conservative and just say 1.  HELLS YEAH PROGRESS!!  Got a high five for that.  Actually seeing results like that just blew my mind.  I don’t know what I was expecting…for all the hard work to actually do nothing?  For some reason part of my brain just went, ‘WHOA THIS SHIT WORKS!’

And yes, totally updated the ticker over there.

Pretty stoked!

And now to listen to a lecture before work.  This is all rather repetitive, yes?  It’s nearly exams!  It’s all I live for!