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A day off!


Today, I had a (mostly) self-imposed day off.  My back was feeling better, definitely, but by no means pain-free.  Certain movements (like twisting or bending) were completely out of the question, which meant that work (lots of bending, twisting and lifting!) was also a no-go.

I was not happy.  Why?  Because it makes me feel damn lazy, that’s why!  Thankfully, I’ve managed to have a productive study day, but as far as physical exertion goes?  Nope!  Not a bit of anything, and I hate it!  I hate the idea that my body can’t do what I want it to do and that my option is ‘sit and rest’.


My fingers are very much crossed that tomorrow I’m rewarded for all my sitting and resting by my back feeling normal!  Please, please let it be back to normal.



I’m alive!


So, I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger in the past few months (ever since I made this blog, amirite?)  But particularly in the last month or so since the new semester began and, well, I got lazy.  Thankfully only as far as blogging is concerned; as far as calorie counting (wah) and exercise (whee!) are concerned, I’ve been keeping pretty much on track (except for tonight when I had a couple of nibblies while pondering the characterisation of Demeter’s grief in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (NOT written by Homer, go figure).  Next up, anatomy study (switching from arts mode to science mode and vice versa is ridiculously tricky, my brain takes a while to clunk into its new gear).

My running injury turned into a much bigger drama and now I see an osteo.  Which serves two functions:

1. I feel like a total pro athlete.

2. I’m getting poorer.

I’m also trying to keep on top of my uni work which also serves two functions:

1. I feel like a total nerd.

2. I’m getting poorer (although I’m getting more hours than I could possibly need or want at work.  4 x 7-8 hour shifts per week plus full time study?  I don’t think that would be university sanctioned.)

Long story short, life continues.  I exercise, I eat, I study, and occasionally I play.

The end!  (Until next time)