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Oops…and rMBP!


I got sick, which was a bit silly.  Also, it happened last Friday (a week ago now), right before my management weekend at work.

Then I took on an extra shift on the Tuesday.

So I got sick, and in order to get better, promptly worked close to a full time week.  Funnily enough, this did not work!

Buying my new pretty baby did, though.

My new pretty thing!

Could I be more of a sheep if I wanted to?  Probably not.  But here’s the thing…here’s the thing.

The screen.  The retina display.  It’s a thing of absolute beauty.  There are many reasons I call it pretty, and that is but one of them.

Then, the SSD.  It’s fast as lightning.  My old laptop, as much as I dearly love it, was getting slow and crotchety in its old age.  First it would take ten minutes to actually boot up, and just when you think it’s ready and go to open an application it waves its little hands around and goes, ‘JUST A MINUTE!’ and farts about for another couple before finally doing what you want it to do.  My new pretty thing?  It turns on in a matter of seconds.  Applications open instantly.  Having an SSD makes you realise that you used to actually have to wait for things that you never thought you were waiting for.

Also, it’s a model with an in-built graphics card which means HELLO games!  But, I hear you cry, many games are not available for Macs…is this not a problem?

Nope.  HELLO boot camp!  My pretty little thing can run both MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7 (which I had to buy separately, obviously).  So I boot into Windows for all my gaming joy (current obsessions are ACII and Trine 2), and into MAC OS X for everything else.

Oh, you clever little machine.

What I grappled with was – if I were to spend the same amount on a Windows laptop, what could I possibly get for my money?

And the fact that I got the new version with the retina display and SSD did up the price a touch.

Honestly…it was kind of a hard decision to make.  I didn’t want to fall into the trap of bowing down to every Apple product that comes along and swearing my undying loyalty to Steve Jobs (poor choice of words?) and all he represented and still represents.

And I don’t think I am.  I like the way this works.  I like the way this looks.  I like that it’s intuitive, I like that everything just works, and I like that I can do everything I could possibly want to do with it and more super easily.  From everyone I’ve spoken to, it will continue to work really well for many years.  And the fact that I can use boot camp to get into Windows and do all that stuff with it as well just sealed the deal for me.

Most expensive thing I have ever bought for myself?  OH MY, yes.  Regrets?  Absolutely none.




A cold, TToM and swot vac?

It’s like a trifecta of bad.  I’ll waddle onto the scales on Monday morning weighing 10x more than when I started and with a few extra chins.

Although, it hasn’t been too bad so far (but it is only Wednesday!).  I did ride to and from the city yesterday (but I also ate a chocolate frog and some cake), and it was only the first full day of feeling icky (it struck me Monday night, the jerk, so Monday’s gym session was all good).  Tomorrow I should be up to a light gym session, and I don’t actually have any snacks in the house because…well, I never do.  Apart from some dark chocolate ginger block, but it’s really getting to desperate times if I start devouring that.

So, all in all, maybe I won’t be the size of a house come Monday.  That would be a nice result!  My grammar does seems a bit whack today, but I’ll blame the cold and flu tablets for causing that one.

However, I have lost 8kg since January.  Eight of the things!!  I could carry an 8kg weight, and that would have been the extra I was carrying somewhere on me for so long (I think I hit the 70kg mark around a year and a half ago).