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Week 8 ahoy!


This morning’s run was the hardest run that I have done to date!  Which, considering I’ve only been running for 2-3 months, isn’t really saying a lot.  Doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard!

And it was hard.


Well, for two (maybe even three!) reasons:

1. It was hot.  Oz Weather (you lying jerk!) told me it was about 26C outside.  I’ve been in 26C, and I’ve been in 30C, and I know which one it felt like in the sun!

2. It was windy.  Sort of a warm-ish wind that was kind of nice at times, but when it was a strong head-wind almost pushing me backwards wasn’t quite as nice.

(And 3. I did W8D1 for the first time, so I was tacking an extra 3 minutes on the end of the run that I hadn’t done before).

So it wasn’t my most inspiring run.  According to the program, it was certainly my slowest (which I had suspected due to the fact that I was being overtaken by ants).  And for the second half of it I just wanted to collapse on the ground and mope.  But!  I didn’t.  I finished it and, my God, was I happy when it was over!  I took my heart rate (175bpm) and stumbled over to the nearest drinking fountain to drench myself in the couple of mls of water it manage to spurt out every 10 seconds (refreshing!).

In other running news, I have signed up for not one but TWO (2!) 5K races this year.  First one is in April at my usual stomping grounds (home advantage!), second one is in July and is my attempt at fundraising (I’ve chosen the Peter Mac centre to support).  So now I have goal!  Two goals.  Three goals, if you count losing weight as a goal.  Which I do.  So that makes three.

Have been struggling lately at my inability to lose any weight, but that’s something for another day.



First run for 2012!


Wowee!  Just went on my first run for 2012 (as the title would suggest).  And, as I said earlier, did go for W6D2.  And boy, did it feel good!  For the last two minutes tried to gun it as much as I could, then did 20 push ups, 20 tricep dips (legs fully extended), then as long a plank as my exhausted arms, legs and core would let me.  Almost managed 1 minute, collapsed at the 50sec mark and felt furious at myself for it!  Gah!  So close!

But, I am now officially exhausted.  I’ve had Sustagen, water, and a shower (finishing with purely cold water – THAT wakes you up!)…and now I’ve collapsed in bed, feeling decidedly leisurely!

Good start to 2012, running style =)


Holiday and Festivities!


I’m back!

Darwin was…Darwin.  Wet season means hot, muggy, humid, step outside and melt kind of weather.

So burnt tanned.  While there, I had planned to go for runs (AHAHAHAHAHAHA whut), then realised within a couple of minutes of arriving that doing that may kill me.

So, to the gym I went!  It was actually great, got to do weights for the first time in ages which felt surprisingly good.  And helloooooo definition!

But now I’m back, it’s been Christmas, and today I went on my first ‘proper’ run for a couple of weeks (treadmills…kinda suck).

It went alright, did W6D1 again and finished but…overall, my legs felt kind of tight.  Particularly at my hip joints.  Awkward.

Anyways!  To watch Vampire Diaries and generally enjoy my evening 🙂


Week 8


Just repeated W4D3, with the aim of going HARDER and FASTER (and better and stronger, amirite Daft Punk?)

Well, it worked.  I did!

Run on Sunday: avg run pace 6:36/km

Today: avg run pace 6:18/km.

It all counts!  And I just felt better, and that when it was over and had to cool down I honestly felt like I could just keep running.



Week 7


…or should I say week 4?

For my ‘non boot camp day run’ I decided to get on the Couch to 5k bandwagon.  Which is something I’ve been meaning to do for aaaaaaaages but just never got around to it.  Plus working out the intervals was going to be a pain in the butt (I know, excuses much?).

But now with handy iPhone app (I knowwww, but they’re so easy!) off I go!  Due to the fact that I’ve been exercising quite regularly for the last couple of months now (whoa!), I thought I’d start somewhere in the middle.  Week 4 seemed good, so off I went!  And lo, it was a success!  Good balance of, ‘I can do this!’ and ‘Oh God, my legs!’  So now I’m pumped to get through it!

Finished it off with a minute of push ups and a minute of tricep dips because I just can’t do any exercise without throwing a bit of arm stuff in.

Hopefully I looked more like this…

Hells yeah running!

…and less like this:


More later!


Week 6


Honestly, just cannot believe that I started boot camp 5 weeks ago and that I’m already feeling so much better!  Today before work I’m going to head to the shops and buy a set of scales (dreaded enemy!) in order to weigh myself nice and early tomorrow morning before doing anything else.  Fingers crossed there’s some changes!

As far as this week goes…well, today has been quite relaxed!  Enjoyed some sun this morning while studying (nothing feels better when studying than having the sun shining down!  On the flipside, there are many more interesting things to do when it’s sunny so that can have some drawbacks).  Now doing a little bit of procrastination (my favourite!) before completing one more lecture and heading to work (late shift, whee).

Yesterday I went for a run and tried to push myself harder than I had been.  Finished it all off with 30 squat jumps, 3o push ups, 3o tricep dips, and a plank for however long I could hold it.  30 seconds and I was out!  (Not that bad considering I’d been running and jumping and push-upping for the last 50 minutes).  Threw a few sit ups in the mix as well.  So, next time, moar plank!

Looking forward to an even better run on Wednesday/Thursday.  =)

I also decided yesterday that maybe, just maybe, I’d like to sign up for an actual run – only a 5k, but it’s a start!  That way I have something to motivate myself, something that I can work towards.  And something I can complete and feel super good about (because not finishing is no option).  My plan for the moment is, once boot camp ends, to get on the couch to 5k plan.  Hopefully, due to all that I’m doing now, I’ll be able to start a couple of weeks in but we’ll see…I’m not going to push it too hard too early for no good reason!

I’m excited to see results.  And a medal.  Teehee.

But for now, should probably get to the next lecture which is, appropriately, drugs for pain.