Hello there!

I’m a 24 year old Melbournian girl who is approaching her final year of studying a double degree and has decided enough is enough, it’s time for change.

My body has never been my friend, and I’ve probably been its worst enemy.  While never the most unfit or most overweight person, I was certainly by no means all that fit or lean.  As I start this, I’m 70kg.  At 162cm tall, that’s not great.  A couple of attempts here and there at losing weight never seemed to stick OR work beyond losing maybe a kilo before it all went wrong.  Looking back, I can attribute this to a few things, mainly:

1) Motivation fail,

2) Healthy eating fail, and

3) Lifestyle maintenance fail.

So, basically, I’m now attempting to fix all of that by avoiding all of the above AND MORE, and am blogging about it in the hope that it will keep me accountable for my actions, and that one day I’ll be famous*.

Or that I can one day look back, remember the struggle, and think, ‘Never again!’.  Or laugh at my naivety.  Either one.

*And by famous I mean that someone other than no one may one day happen to casually glance at a post, possibly even read it, and then move on.


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  1. Thanks for subscribing to my blog…hope you enjoy it!
    As for dieting, my advice, when taken usually works pretty well…
    1. eat food (not chemicals or manufactured foods)
    2. mostly vegetables
    3. not too much
    but really don’t go hungry either…I tend to say yes to any dessert that’s home made…just one serve!
    ..and don’t eat after dinner…alcohol is best just spirits, fresh lime and soda…
    Hope this is welcome, and helps!
    Stephen Culinary Camel

    • Absolutely! Definitely trying to eat more natural foods, and always loads of vegetables (being vegetarian helps!).

      Just need to find some healthy dessert recipes and I’m set 🙂 Thank you!

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