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A cold, TToM and swot vac?

It’s like a trifecta of bad.  I’ll waddle onto the scales on Monday morning weighing 10x more than when I started and with a few extra chins.

Although, it hasn’t been too bad so far (but it is only Wednesday!).  I did ride to and from the city yesterday (but I also ate a chocolate frog and some cake), and it was only the first full day of feeling icky (it struck me Monday night, the jerk, so Monday’s gym session was all good).  Tomorrow I should be up to a light gym session, and I don’t actually have any snacks in the house because…well, I never do.  Apart from some dark chocolate ginger block, but it’s really getting to desperate times if I start devouring that.

So, all in all, maybe I won’t be the size of a house come Monday.  That would be a nice result!  My grammar does seems a bit whack today, but I’ll blame the cold and flu tablets for causing that one.

However, I have lost 8kg since January.  Eight of the things!!  I could carry an 8kg weight, and that would have been the extra I was carrying somewhere on me for so long (I think I hit the 70kg mark around a year and a half ago).

Difficult week


This week…has not been great, sadly.  A combination of pushing myself too hard at the gym (I’m a silly girl), the impending end of semester and a 24 hour nausea-dizzy thing meant that yesterday I got home from the shops, cut myself a large piece of hedgehog slice and crawled into bed to watch a few hours of Toddlers and Tiaras.


I think my brain had just had enough.  Enough calorie counting, enough with the exercise programs, enough with the study, enough with restricting myself…ENOUGH.  So it collapsed in on itself and I ate hedgehog and did no study.

Today was a little better (still too sore to go the gym, so I’ll leave my next workout for next Monday).  I managed 3 gym sessions this week, and I’ll be working on the weekend (which means a 20 minute ride both ways to work), plus cycling to class and work during the week…yeah, I think my exercise will be okay.  And I’ve managed to do some study (slooooowly working my way through a Grammar assignment which will hopefully be mostly done by the end of the night), but…it’s slow going at the moment.

And I’m terrified of hopping on the scales on Monday.





Finally!  Progress!

Based on doctor’s orders (no, really) I bought new sneakers.


Look at that!  They’re so pretty.  The guy had a look at my feet and my stance, then selected a few shoes based on what I would need (support, and lots of it!).  For each pair I tried, I hopped on a treadmill and did a bit of a run.   A camera behind the treadmill recorded how I ran and how my feet were landing – this was not a flattering angle by any means, but it was interesting to see.  I’m all over the place!  Which he didn’t seem too concerned with, so I’m guessing it’s fairly normal for running nOObs.

End result: new shoes!  I love them.  I look totes pro, bru (I’m learning this generation’s speak via my niece’s FB, and apparently talking like a Kiwi with an English chav inflection is the in-thing.  Also, starting to date at 13, calling each other ‘babe’ and declaring true love forever is in.  Not doing duck face in photos is out).

Also based on doctor’s orders, I was permitted to try a little bit of a run (once I’d warmed up on the elliptical first).  Now…the problem is, this pain in my leg has been such a constant thing that now I don’t even know if I’m feeling it, or if I’m convincing myself that I’m feeling it when I’m actually not.  So of course, my warm up on the elliptical I swore I could feel it, walking around the gym to the weights section I swore I could feel it, and when I stretched a little bit I swore I could feel it.  But, nevertheless, I jumped on that treadmill (carefully, lest it hurt) and had a go, armed with instructions to only do an easy jog for 1-2km and already certain I was in pain.

I made it about 1km before I convinced myself I could definitely feel a bit of a twinge and should probably stop.  Still not entirely sure if there or in my mind, but nevertheless, I gave it a go and next week I’ll hopefully give it a better go!

In relation to study, this week is slightly hellish.  I’m exhausted (getting up at 8 and coming home nearly 12 hours later kills me, I’m such a wieney), and the idea of once again revising the upper and lower limbs only to forget it all (again!) tomorrow is not appealing.


PS. But my back is better!

A day off!


Today, I had a (mostly) self-imposed day off.  My back was feeling better, definitely, but by no means pain-free.  Certain movements (like twisting or bending) were completely out of the question, which meant that work (lots of bending, twisting and lifting!) was also a no-go.

I was not happy.  Why?  Because it makes me feel damn lazy, that’s why!  Thankfully, I’ve managed to have a productive study day, but as far as physical exertion goes?  Nope!  Not a bit of anything, and I hate it!  I hate the idea that my body can’t do what I want it to do and that my option is ‘sit and rest’.


My fingers are very much crossed that tomorrow I’m rewarded for all my sitting and resting by my back feeling normal!  Please, please let it be back to normal.




So, there are two ways to deal with setbacks.

1. Cry.  Hard.

2. Accept them as life-changing challenges that will make you a better person.

3. Whinge and moan about it (in your head), then just effing deal.

(Okay, so there are three ways).

I am not going to pretend at all that I am saintly when it comes to things that may not have been expected and that are definitely not welcome.  I know what you’re meant to say and think and do.  I know what you’re not meant to say or think or do.

So what lead to this seemingly pointless musing?

I hurt my *%*$&*ing back this morning!   Cycling to uni, more specifically to the gym.  The same trip I have done 5 times per week for the last two months with no problems whatsoever.  How did I do it?  Who knows!  It just happened!


Leaning forwards hurts.  Leaning sideways hurts.  Twisting hurts.  Sitting in a chair hurts.  Sitting in bed hurts.  IT ALL HURTS WHY.

My first instinct was, ‘What the hell was that?  Oh well, push on!’

After ten seconds on the elliptical, I changed that to, ‘Maybe not push on.’

By the time I got home after all day at uni I was almost a teary wreck.

By the time people starting arriving home I was a teary wreck.

Right now I’m slightly less of a teary wreck because of a) dinner and b) nurofen OH YES pain relief.

I’d love to say that I had an epiphany somewhere between buying nurofen (and then dropping it on the floor, much to someone’s amusement) and hobbling my way home and gulping down the whole packet.  That I realised it could be so much worse.  That I’ll just miss a few days of exercise, and what’s that in the grand scheme of things?  That it’s all part of learning how to cope with challenges and overcome adversity.

But right now I’m sitting in bed and my back *#&*ing hurts so I’m going to eat cake instead.