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Sudden thought


I think I’m almost ready to start running again!  Can I get a woohoo for pain?

In related news, while at the gym the other day, I had a thought.  A thought that I’ve had before, but a thought nonetheless.

You see that guy, sitting innocently up there?  He’s a 3kg medicine ball (why are they called that?  Surely this would just exacerbate the problem for those with a phobia of swallowing tablets).  He triggered my epiphany as I raised him above my head to do lunges, but other things could do just as well.

Did you know that there is such a thing as the 3L milk challenge? Me neither, until I googled this thing.

To this point, I have lost about 3kg give or take a couple of hundred grams.  That means that, somewhere on me, I am no longer carrying either a 3kg medicine ball or a 3L bottle of milk (given that 1mL of milk is equivalent to 1g BUT I DIGRESS).  Because this weight was distributed all over the place (apparently my face is thinner, which is great, because that was ABSOLUTELY the number one place I wanted to lose weight from.  Certainly not from my hips or thighs, that would be silly) it’s fairly difficult to see or get a real feel for what I’ve lost.

It’s such a strange feeling to hold that in your hands and realise you were carrying it for so long just…on you.

But no more!


PS. Seriously, 3L milk challenge is a thing.  Google it.


New Gym


I realised the other day (well, it wasn’t a sudden realisation, this had developed over a couple of weeks or more) that if I’m going to get serious about getting fit, then I should probably join a gym.

This is not to say that you cannot get fit at home!  You absolutely can, and many people do.  I was, on a running/cycling program that seemed to be working.

The thing is…the thing is…I kind of enjoyed strength training.  And when I say kind of, I mean really enjoyed it.  Although again, that’s not strictly speaking accurate.  I guess what I enjoyed was getting better at it…I enjoyed seeing muscles develop (which took close to two months when I was first seeing a PT!) and I like the idea of being strong and being able to lift heavy things.  Which is all kind of strange, because I never thought I was into that.  I remember saying, 5 or more years ago now, at the first gym I joined that, ‘I don’t like weights, I have no interest in doing weights or anything like that.’

I think the reason behind that is that I didn’t have a full appreciation for what strength training can do.  In my very inexperienced mind, strength training meant getting totally ripped to incredible proportions.  It meant chugging protein shakes and chomping down protein bars and pumping iron to the Rocky soundtrack.

Even my muscles have muscles!

What I didn’t realise is that strength training can help you build lean, strong muscles without making you look like a condom full of walnuts.  The benefits of building muscle?  Well, honestly…there are pages and pages on it available online, and who knows what’s scientifically accurate and what isn’t.

Looks legit.

All I can say for sure is that building muscle in my arms and my legs definitely seems to be building tone and tightening up those areas.  I know I’m not losing overall muscle mass through my weight loss (which is also good).  Not to mention the fact that strength training also involves some energy expenditure…so that’s more calories out.  And I will one day be able to lift very heavy things.

You can't see, but I'm actually holding him up with my pinky

For this I very much wanted the facilities of a gym (barbells and weight machines) so I could press, push and lift to my heart’s content.  It was with this in mind that I headed to my uni’s gym (which is now only 10 minutes from home!), sucked it up and paid for the year’s membership.

It ends up being cheaper per week than other gyms I’ve joined.  The difference is that you have to pay it all in one go (ahhhhhhh!) and that’s your only option.  Thank goodness I’ve taken about 20 years to do this degree and got a student membership or I probably wouldn’t have gone for it

So here I am, somewhat poorer than I was a couple of days ago, but with a year’s worth of gym membership ahead of me and sore muscles from my first training session.

Blimey, I hope I use it.


Cheat meal!


So today, I decided to have the week’s cheat meal…although doing it the day before I go to the gym for a personal ‘fitness assessment’ probably wasn’t all that smart.

Don’t care, ate Grill’d, it was delicious.  Plus, it feels…well, I could almost call it healthy (at 535cal it’s not horrendous, but it’s not great).  The chips I don’t think I can even vaguely justify apart from the fact that they were yum despite a definite lack of herbed mayo.  Alas for not checking the bag before leaving!  But the point of a cheat meal is to not feel guilty for eating it, it’s to feel good about eating it because you’ve eaten so pedantically (and been so boring about food and exercise) for an entire week.

My reward for losing the first kilo?

Picked that bad boy up last Wednesday – I have never bought myself anything like it!  But I knew I wanted a blue charm for my bracelet, so it seemed the logical choice for my first reward.

And that is all for now.





I went riding again!  This time rode from home, then wound around the ‘burbs a bit before we reached the main trail that follows the river into the city.  It was lovely!  It was sunny and nice and there were quite a few people out and about (we left around lunchtime meaning there were a lot of lunchtime walkers and riders).  There were a few hills, yes (including one that I had to attempt 4 times in increasingly lower gears before I finally grunted my way to the top), and also a children’s farm (goats!  cows!  children!), and then lunch next to the river because someone* was smart enough to suggest that food be packed before we departed.  Finally, we rolled into the city (22km later) and had a beer, then later a coffee at a place we’ve been meaning to try for a little while because it’s apparently awesome (it was).  I love cafes where you get a free biscuit with your coffee!  Granted, it was only 1.5cm across and had I not recently discovered a love of marzipan would have been gross, but damnit, it was a free biscuit.

Running has reached something of a standstill (so to speak) while I wait for my leg to fix itself.  We attempted a run the other night, and I made it 2km before I felt that familiar twinge…so I guess that’s a start!  Thankfully, riding doesn’t seem to affect it (my leg, that is), so I continue to ride to work and around the place and hope (fingers crossed!) that it’s enough exercise for the week.

Sadly, that is all.

*me, obviously.