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Week 5


Well!  I changed the ruler on the side to a probably more achievable goal weight…which isn’t the endpoint but rather somewhere in the middle.  So when I lose the next 3kg (and I will, mark my words, I will!) it will feel like a massive accomplishment, rather than a non-event.

And massive accomplishments keep you going!

This week has started with a run in the rain =)  Well, drizzle.  It was very half-hearted rain.  I’ve found that while I run or whatever, I come up with half-hearted inspirational comments (read: platitudes) to convince myself to keep going and not stop and curl up and wail that it’s all too hard.

You know the things.  Along the lines of, ‘If it doesn’t hurt (as in burn, muscles on fire, heart racing hurt) then you’re not doing it right.’  And that something being hard isn’t a reason to stop; that’s the reason to keep going.

I know.  I know.  Really?

But, surprisingly, in my muscles on fire burning state, it actually works.  Being stubborn helps, too.

So now I’m taking a moment or two to drink my SLM shake thing (I know, it just keeps getting worse!  I’m like some sort of gym junkie, only not in a gym) before getting ready for work.

That’s right, kids, got up at 7AM to exercise for an hour before 9 hours of work.  Bloody dedicated!

Tomorrow, abs, in the spirit of boot camp not being on due to a horse race.


Week 4


So, they didn’t hold back on boot camp this week.  At all.  Tuesday involved a hill.  So much hill.  Today involved a huuuge circuit.  So much circuit.

But hey, lost a kilo!  Lost a couple of kilos, I think, but I’ll be conservative and just say 1.  HELLS YEAH PROGRESS!!  Got a high five for that.  Actually seeing results like that just blew my mind.  I don’t know what I was expecting…for all the hard work to actually do nothing?  For some reason part of my brain just went, ‘WHOA THIS SHIT WORKS!’

And yes, totally updated the ticker over there.

Pretty stoked!

And now to listen to a lecture before work.  This is all rather repetitive, yes?  It’s nearly exams!  It’s all I live for!


Week 3


Wow.  Running in the hot sun is an absolute killer!  That run did not go as well as I had hoped for, but I guess at least I did it!

Boot camp was interesting yesterday.  We had to push cars up hills and a few other things (all in lovely, lovely drizzle) and by the time I finished work at 6:15 last night I was collapsing!  Even today my arms and legs are struggling.

Soup of organic lentils and chickpeas with sourdough was an amazing end to the day =)  I have been naughty and had a couple of chocolate squares this morning (gasp!) but I’ll hopefully work that off running up and down the stairs at work today.

Now to listen to a lecture.

Apologies to my future self for the boredom of today’s post, it’s kind of obligatory.  Will hopefully have more to report next week!


Week 3


Another week dawns!

Yesterday we used an iPhone app (I know, I know) which is apparently fairly accurate at testing resting heart rate.  We used it while also checking neck pulses to see if it was actually being fairly accurate, and it seemed to be (this is what we do for giggles, apparently).  Anyway, mine was under 60bpm, which is a fairly healthy resting rate to have!  I’m going to say that it was 100% accurate and COULD NOT have been wrong.  Yep!

In other news, missed boot camp on Friday morning (alas!) due to wardrobe malfunction and timing issues.  So, later, I got into my workout gear and headed to a nearby oval to complete a lap, aiming to run as much as possible.  Every time I stopped to walk, I also had to do 10 squat jumps (punishment!).

The next day, I did something similar, only as well as the squat jumps, I alternated with doing 10 push ups (on the fence/barrier thing) or 10 tricep dips as well.  Finishing with 20 of all three before stretching and limping off.  The sun was shining, I was feeling optimistic…all in all, both workouts left me feeling pretty good!  But also fairly sore, so I mostly rested on the weekend (along with working and all that entails – standing, walking, and running up and down the stairs!).

Had a couple of slightly naughty but not really dinners – home made pizza (it’s the BEST!  Tomato paste, garlic, oregano and basil on pita bread, topped with capsicum, mushrooms, onion, olives, pineapple, a sprinkle of cheese and then topped with spinach leaves), and the next day home made pasta (very similar to above but also with diced tomatoes and made into a sauce, and with a small amount of pasta).

Now we’re back to official business as usual!  The next couple of days will unfortunately be fairly painful work and workout wise, but by Tuesday night it’ll be all good!

Also, need to buy scales so I can actually weigh myself and the little ticker in the right hand corner isn’t for nothing!


Week 2


Week 2 is definitely more productive blog-wise than week 1!

Last night wasn’t so great, following staff meeting that ended at 8:30 (blargh) dinner still hadn’t happened.  Along with the fact that dinner wouldn’t have been cooked until much later, this left me wandering the aisles thinking, ‘Can’t eat this…can’t eat this…can’t eat that…should eat this…thought of eating that is highly unappealing…’ until I eventually collapsed in an emotional heap, declared there was nothing to eat, and so didn’t.

This is bad, bad, bad.  This is very bad relationship with food that I need to amend.

In other news, today!  Spectacularly unproductive so far, but I’m okay with that.  Plans (for today and in general):
– today: go for jog!  Every time I stop to walk, squat jumps.

– in general: buy scales.  I don’t own any, I don’t particularly like the idea, but I’m going to anyway.  However, there will be rules!
# Weigh myself once per week, and once per week ONLY.
# Same time of day, same clothing.

– in general: buy diary for next  year.  Just…well, just because.


Excited for my points count for uni to come through.  Stoked at the idea of knowing exactly what to do to graduate next year!


Week 2


Today’s boot camp session didn’t go quite as well as it could have.  Okay, actually, it did, but it didn’t.  It did in that I pushed myself and stubbornly did everything we were supposed to.  It didn’t in that when we did ‘races’ at the end in the car park (lunge one way, hop one way, jump the third leg, finish with more hops), plus another race (lunge, run backwards, lunge, run backwards, sprint two laps) I came a spectacular last for both.

It was the hopping, it absolutely killed me!  Who knew hopping was so difficult?  Seriously!  Hopping!  So it was slightly embarrassing finishing a good 30 seconds behind the others, but gosh darn it, I hopped.  There was absolutely no option of not doing it in my mind.
It was a painful session, but rewarding!
So now I’m at home (sort of), I’ve listened to one lecture and now it’s time to study up a storm!  Many props to JJ who is being incredibly encouraging.
Basically, I just need to remember:
                   – every bit of exercise you do does your body good, it just has to!
                   – everything you resisting eating counts, because the small things add up eventually!
I’ve found that even in just a week I’ve started trying to work out what my body is saying.  Last night, sugar cravings.  Unbelievable.  I was hungry, it was past dinnertime (and I hadn’t eaten it yet), but I just wanted sugar.  I’m going out on a limb here (so to speak) and I’m guessing that what my body was craving was ENERGY and it wanted it FAST.
So I told it to shut up and wait for dinner.
Okay, way too much procrastination later, I am going to study!

Week 2


Right on!


Two sessions of bootcamp have been successfully completed and wow, does my body hurt the next day…and the next day…and then twinge slightly on the third.  Oy.

What I’m aiming to do in the next week is incorporate more exercise into my plan, because obviously, two bootcamp sessions don’t completely cut it.
Tonight I would like to go do some cardio, and so I’m going to try and push myself to do it.  What would be ideal would be to join a gym that is more conveniently located, however, for the meantime I’ll just have to travel!  A little difficult now my car is out of action, alas. Or run around when it’s dark and no one can see me, haha.

One potential hiccup is the fact that I have a quite varied schedule.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are work, and I really should exercise on those days but the constant running up and down the stairs at work gets me every time!  Not to mention the time I should be dedicating to uni (time like now, OH OOPS).
Nevertheless, I shall attempt it.

Monday (tonight): cardio.  It’s on!  Aiming for 40 minutes.  Spin class if I can!
Tuesday: boot camp
Wednesday: resst.
Thursday: cardio + weights.  40 minutes former, 30 of latter.
Friday: boot camp.
Saturday: ressst.
Sunday: cardio.  Aiming for 40 minutes.

It’s a very ambitious plan…but not unachievable.  For this week, days after bootcamp are rest days (or light cardio days) unless I feel I can push it a little harder.

But for now, I have mid-semester no. 2 for one of my uni subjects on Wednesday.  Hellooo, study.


PS. Today, I needed to buy necessities at the mini supermarket at uni (hang on, it gets better).  I picked up a mini caramello koala as a snack…then put him back.  MINI-WIN!
(okay, maybe that story didn’t get better after all).

Week 1


Well.  Here we are.

This blog has taken a decidedly different turn.  Essentially what happened was that the author was absolutely sick of having a body image issue.  Which puts her in the overwhelming majority of people, so that’s not really anything of note.  The fact that she is now planning to go all out on doing something about it (and even blogging about it) also puts her in an overwhelming majority of people, and as such, is also nothing of note.

Going for the hard sell, people.

What will hopefully be of note is the fact that this will chronicle success, and not just a few weeks of half-hearted attempts before it’s aborted.

Am I being too confident?  Well, no, because if I don’t think I’ll succeed then there is absolutely no point in trying.  So instead of approaching it with the mindset of hoping that it works, I’m going to approach it with the mindset that it will absolutely, definitely work.

This week already a couple of small changes have been implemented.
1. LSA mix with cereal (insert nutritional benefits here).
2. Water bottle glued to me at all times (I’d gotten a bit slack), drink as much to keep hydrated without making my kidneys explode.
3. Always fruit, buying in small quantities so that they don’t sit around and go off.  Plus, finishing the apples or kiwi fruit that you’ve bought feels like winning.  Also, I splurged and bought bananas (so expensive but delicious, amirite?)
4. Small meals through the day rather than 2 or 3 big meals.
5. Almonds in bag for nibbles (OMG I LOVE ALMONDS).
6. Boot camp.  Oh dear god, boot camp.
– this does NOT mean no other exercise.  Yesterday I could barely move my legs (bad) without pain, so I just did basic walking (back to car [~15 mins] plus around uni [~20 mins], all at fast pace because MAN I cannot stand dawdling).  Today will go to gym – arms and abs, plus some rowing on the machine, and maybe take doggo for walk in the dark later.

Also, I have a couple of things to work towards:
– friend’s wedding in 6 months.
– maybe holiday next year.

Next time I’m back next boot camp session will be done. Ohhh dear.